NR(N)G is my entry to the GMTK 2022 jam! It's a bullet hell game where your stats are randomised each wave. However, the score you accumulate can be spent on influencing how high the stats are for the next wave.

Be warned, though: the more points you spend, the more enemies will spawn on the next wave. So, it's a roll of the dice if you get to keep those stats against overwhelming enemies and odds.


WASD to move. Hold Left click to shoot.

This game is unfinished!

That's right, I never actually got to finish the game. I'm a solo student dev with little jam experience, the game is horribly unbalanced. But hey, I made something! So there's that.

I may come back to finish this later this month, as I actually want to develop this idea!

Asset Credits

Font by Pix3M, licenced under CC BY 3.0

Orb projectiles by AwesomePenguin, licenced under CC BY 3.0

Various sprites by Ansimuz, licenced under CC0

Ship designs by Scrittl, licenced under CC0

Sound effects by dklon, licenced under CC BY 3.0

Music by pmiller, licenced under CC0


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Very good game :D

The shooting is very satisfying and the uprades between waves with a kind of risk / reward system also add a unique touch to the game.

Music and sfx are also great.

The only annoying thing is that the spaceship position isn't reset after completing a wave which lead to some unavoidable damage.

This ain't that bad! As you say in the notes, this is imbalanced and not very... complete. But I see some great potential here! I saw no reason to not just spend all of my points in one wave, so maybe that's a good place to start? Good job!

Yeah I totally agree. I never actually balanced out the score spending - I only got the core mechanics implemented in the time I had, and I wanted to upload something instead of throw in the towel. So I slapped in some ✨juice✨ and submitted it! :D

Thanks for taking the time to play it! ❤️

gooood game